Young blonde slut Lola Taylor, has her FIRST ever threesome…

Lola Taylor sucking 2 cocks

When a filthy slut like Lola Taylor, agrees to take part in a threesome, you just know she’ll end up being double penetrated – and that’s exactly what happens in these his new Dp Fanatics scene…bitch handles cock well!

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Dp Fantaics presents – Kristall Rush

Kristall Rush dp fanatics

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Kristall Rush is a bitch that lives & breathes to get fucked silly :)   In this latest Dp Fanatics scene she is about to get her cunt and asshole split open at the same time as two horny bastards set about destroying her with their dicks :)   Nasty hardcore double penetration fucking at it’s best!

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Porn legend Debbie White, takes a rough dp fuck in her stride

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Debbie White, has to be one of the worlds hottest pornstars, and its always a real pleasure watching her getting her famous plugged deep with hard cock.

In this new Dp Fanatics scene, gorgeous Debbie is taking a hard, rough double penetration fuck in her stride…she’s been dp’ed before and loves it – threesome sex challenges her – she knows she has to work to satisfy two hardons at once, but so far this insatiable beauty has never failed to perform…

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Poolside double penetration

Satify those cocks!

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Many people find blonde babe, Berinice to be an attention whore…most don’t give a fuck though as this bitch will do ANYTHING to please a guy :)

In this latest DP FANATICS scene she is satisfying two hard cocks at once by a pool.  She takes both of them in her experienced mouth and gives them a satisfying gobble & suck…then it’s time for her cunt & ass to take the strain…these horny guys will fuck BOTH her holes inside out :)

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Hot slut in black lingerie gets double penetarted

Bitch needs cock, BAD :)

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Colette is one hot bitch..and she knows it!  The good news is, she loves to dress like a slut and be treated like one…

In this latest DP FANATICS scene she is involved in a intense threesome..dressed in sexy black lingerie :)   It’s inevitable that the two guys are going to want to fuck her together…while she’s riding one hard & fat, the other guy goes behind her and slips his hadon in her very tight asshole…the bitch is adoring the sensation only double penetration sex can give :)

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Brunette slut, Angel Rivas takes a hard dp fuck at a bar

Take it deep bitch

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This brunette bitch, Angel Rivas likes to do things in style – when she get involved in a threesome in a bar, it’s inevitable that she’s gonna end up being double penetrated :)

The two guys are not going to miss out in an opportunity like this….they will take turns to fuck her juicy cunt and dry tight ass together…Angel will have NO problem satisfying both these horny bastards :)

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Busty Aletta Ocean handles a double penetration fuck with ease…

Stunning, busty pornstar Aletta Ocean, has done it all when it comes to fucking – double penetration sex doesn’t scare her one little bit – even if the guys fucking her are well hung…

In this latest Dp Fanatics scene Aletta shows just adept she is at threesome and dp fucking – getting on top on of one hard cock to ride with her pussy and letting the other guy get round behind her and butt fuck her – she makes it all look so easy…

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Pretty blondes takes a double penetration, like the slut she is…

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Blonde bitch Bibi, would never admit to being a total cum slut, but those who’ve manage to get her in a bedroom know EXACTLY what she is – an insatiable cock gobbler that can’t ever get enough cock :)

In these photos she’s being fucked in a nice nasty threesome…goes without saying she’s gonna get double penetrated…why the fuck else would she be in a 3-way fuck!  These guys will give her a fucking she won’t ever forget :)

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Brunette whore Amanda opnes her legs whide and takes the full force of a dp fuck

Stretch those holes!

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Slutty brunette Amanda has been looking forward to this day for years – not only will this be her first threesome it will be the first time she’s ever been double penetrated….

The sensation of having TWO cocks inside her is going to be totally new to her so she’s decided, just to lay back open her legs and let her two horny fuck buddies have their wicked way with her cunt and ass…that way everyone will remember this day with fond memories :)

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Busty round assed whore, satisfied with a hard dp fucking

Nice round ass needs fucking

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Bellina is the kind of curvy, big titted slut we’d all love to get our hands and cock on :)

In these Dp Fanatics videos she’s have one of the most satisfying fucks of he life with two horny fuck buddies of hers…she is NO stranger to threesome but has always been a little too scared to try double penetration…now she is experiencing the intensity and sheer enjoyment that only a dp fuck can give her, it won’t be long till she tries dp fucking again :)

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